Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tonight! Shake-n-Make at TH&B2

Shake-n-Make has a piece in the TH&B2 show, which opens tonight.  Come by the opening if you're around! 270 Sherman Street N.
(from the curators/organizers)

Tramps, Hobos & Bums // Tired, Hungry & Broke // To Hell & Back
TH&B appropriates the moniker of the defunct railway that once connected Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo, and uses it as an emblem of cultural production in this decentralized region. TH&B2 follows in the footsteps of an earlier project in 2008, in which 18 artists were invited to respond to the post-industrial context of the unoccupied third floor of 270 Sherman, a historic textile mill that has been transformed into a creative industries complex deep in the north end of Hamilton.
Focusing on site-responsive installation, sculpture, video and performance, TH&B2 sets out to connect new and established interdisciplinary artists operating in the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo corridor.

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