Wednesday, April 25, 2012

W.I.Ps? What About Them?

I've decided to erase the "Works in Progress" chalkboard because rather than inspiring/reminding me about projects I've started, it just taunts me with the things I have yet to finish.  I know - same difference, but the latter carries guilt with it.  Kind of counterproductive.

In celebration of the blank chalkboard (as well as the end of a rather busy period) I've decided to take on a new knitting project - the Soho Smocked Dress from Kristina McGowan's Modern Top-Down Knitting.
I had this book in mind while I was killing time in The Knit Cafe in Toronto yesterday with the boy.  Unfortunately, my experience there was less than ideal.

While the people in the shop weren't actively mean, it turned into one of those "I'm not X enough for them."  Like when you're in a record shop (yes, they still exist) and you can tell by the way the clerk avoids you that he/she assumes you have crappy taste in music.  So the woman behind the counter tried to be helpful at first but seemed to be dismayed by the fact that I couldn't remember the designer's name.  Really?  Has it come to that?  Hell, this book has been out for awhile and got a good amount of attention.  Should I have been dismayed that she was unfamiliar with it?

She was willing to look on Ravelry for me, but for some reason the idea that we'd search for the book first on Amazon (if you have Ravelry, you have internet access) did not cross her mind.  Quite honestly, I probably would've made an impulse purchase of yarn there.  Unfortunately, this is not the first time I've been there and felt a chilly reception.  I mean, it's a yarn shop!  It's supposed to be warm and inviting.  What's their damage?

Anyway, I'm going to swatch up some variegated Malabrigo I bought at the Brooklyn General Store (super nice and friendly people, by the way) and see if that works out.

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