Monday, September 10, 2012

Craftastic Folding Bike Bag

Bag not quite closed all the way
Okay, it's quite rudimentary, but I made a bag for my Dahon folding bike.  My goal is to bring my bike with me on the train and then use it for local transportation at my destination (a.k.a. work).  Despite the fact that I left my fabric scissors at home and couldn't find a decent sewing tape measure at the studio, I managed to pull this together.
The Dahon on a single layer of fabric
It's quite simple.  There's no bottom seam; I simply fold the bag over the bike and then close the sides with velcro.  I already know I'm going to need to get some snaps to supplement the velcro, but it should be enough for the train.  I used two different fabrics, which, like all the other supplies I used, I already had.  In fact, I made a yoga mat bag out of the same fabric.  At this rate, I'll have my own matching luggage set!  The fabrics are upholdstery-grade so the bag should be pretty strong.  I sewed two handles along the top, but I plan to carry it very far.  When I have some more time, I'll finesse the fit and design.  But for a three-hour project, I'm pretty pleased.

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  1. Great idea! How heavy is your bike? Could you include a pic of you carrying your bike in your bag to get a sense of the scale of it all?