Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Progress, Projects, & Promises

I managed to use at least 3/4 of the bushel of cucumbers I bought.  Some of them are fermenting away in our front room, giving the house a nice pickle smell upon entrance.  (Unfortunately one of the crocks is leaking, and I'm going to have to transfer them.)  They could be ready as early as this Saturday or as late as next Saturday. 
In addition to the long-fermenting koshers, I made a couple of batches of "Quicker Koshers," some bread and butter pickles, and some cucumber relish.  I never knew that cucumber relish could be so yummy.  All the recipes have come from Canning for a New Generation by Lianna Krissoff, a book I think is pretty great (except it doesn't mention pressure canners once, as far as I can tell - is there discrimination in the canning world?).

I've also managed to finish two of the six panels of my Alabama Chanin dress.  The colour in the photo is off a little; the fabric revealed in the reverse applique is black, and the top fabric is called Twilight, which is a gray-blue.  My initial plan had been to cut our all the stitched stencils, but the ladyfriend likes the look of them so I'll be doing a combination of cut and not cut as well as embellishing more with beads and sequins after the whole things is done.  I have time because this is not going to be finished any time soon.

If that weren't enough, my father and his friend came up to help reroof the shed that's part of the new property we own (a.k.a. the house we're attached to).  Yes, there's a new, bigger project afoot - home renovation!

So in light of all the craftiness that is going on as well as the sizeable yarn and fabric stash I have, I have decided I'm not going to buy any new craft materials for an entire year (September 1, 2012 - September 1, 2013).  Shocking, I know!  It's a little like a junkie thinking she's got enough smack to hold her for a year.  But no little skeins of sock yarn bought to scratch an itch for new yarn, no fantasies of making another winter coat (unless I have the fabric already, which I don't), no cross stitch kit bought just because it's a good deal and might make a great gift. 

There are two caveats:  I can trade for new (to me) supplies and art-making is a different category.

Quite honestly, I'm curious as to how it will all go.

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  1. I like your trading loophole. Smart, very smart! =)