Monday, September 24, 2012

Cassandra - Oracle of Good Commuting?

So the bike commuting worked well last week.  In fact, better than anticipated when I found out that the tech guys at school are also bike geeks and fixed my derailleur while I was in class.  Bonus!

But I've also realized that I'm engaging in an entirely different kind of commuting than I used to.  In the old days (please have your best "old lady" voice when reading this part), I would ride to work in bike gear (read technical, lycra, and tight) and change in the handicap stall in the bathroom at work.  That is not the case here ("old lady" voice can stop now).  I'm going for the "Hey, I'm a regular albeit stylish gal on her way to work" look, which, yes, requires some wardrobe adjustments.  When there was a threat of rain (thankfully it rained while I taught), I realized a reassessment of foul weather gear was in order.

After a bit of soul-searching (specialty of over-thinkers everywhere) and comparison shopping, I found what I'm hoping will fit a tick a number of boxes - the Cassandra Cycle Coat.  Firstly, it's smart (check out the details), stylish, and waterproof.  Secondly, it is easily wearable off the bike.  Thirdly, the company endeavors to support local industry (in England where they're located), and they use bio-degradable plastic to keep packaging out of landfills.  Bonuses?  British (synonymous with rain, no?) and a woman-owned company.

I ordered mine in red.  It'll match my bike, natch.  Once it arrives and I've had a chance to try it out, I'll report on it here.

(If you're a male reader, they also have a coat for men, and Brompton cycles has made a gorgeous sports coat-type cycling jacket.)

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