Monday, June 16, 2014

Environment Hamilton Lake to Lake Ride

As mentioned in my summary post on the New Orleans to Hamilton bike trip, I had signed up for a local two-day ride: the Environment Hamilton Lake to Lake ride from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.  (If you sponsored me, please don't think I'm ignoring your generosity; I just haven't gotten my donor list yet.)

I have to say, I'm really glad I did it.  While the turnout was small (only about 14 riders for the two-day option), the people were great, and the trails and roads were beautiful.  Plus, we had amazing cycling weather - cool but sunny.

On both days we stopped in Caledonia for lunch.  This was on the first day...
and this was the next.

Our gear was carried in a van by our great volunteer, Ken, who also stopped along the way to provide water stops for us.

We camped right along the shore of Lake Erie.  Some of our group went into the water.  I put my feet in, and that was enough.  Still a bit frosty for my liking.

My tent.  Super cute if I may say so myself.

On the way home, I saw a quilt square that I'd missed on the ride out.  Bonus!

It's too bad, however, that I read about the cyclist killed in Kentucky this morning.  My dad sent me the story; to top it off, neither of us were surprised it happened in Kentucky.  It was the least cyclist-friendly place we rode.

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