Friday, June 13, 2014

Ride for the Masses

As part of a week-long bike festival (huzzah!), there was a "Ride for the Masses"* tonight.  My reignited bicycle passion overcame my inclination to sequester myself with my crafts, and I headed out to join the ride.  It didn't hurt that the starting point was at a park near my house.

There were all kinds of cyclists represented, which was nice, and I met a woman from Poland, visiting her cousins in Hamilton, and a young man from Uganda, who was here on a volunteer exchange program.  There were families, hipsters, city cyclists, and more.

He had a Brooks saddle on this.
There was also live musical accompaniment, courtesy of the Velo Stage.

I bailed at the turnaround point; it had been one of those slow and steady rides, and the Rangers-Kings game had already started.  I figured I had helped make a statement;  my Rangers were calling me home.

Tomorrow - the Lake Ontario to Lake Erie ride.  Yay!

* as opposed to Critical Mass, which apparently has negative connotations for some.  Note:  the revolution will be polite.

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