Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some of the Crazy Sh*t That Can Go On When I'm Home Alone

So the ladyfriend is away with Orby for a few days as part of Struts Gallery's Heat Wave series, and I've been left to my own devices.  There are always cooking changes when she goes; for example, she doesn't like eggplant, so I'll almost always make it when she's gone. Ttoday I made mayonnaise when I ran out while making chicken salad (the ladyfriend is dedicated to Hellman's), and tonight I'm making Miso-Creamed Kale for dinner.  Yes, I hear the peals of laughter coming from those who know my ladyfriend.

But there's more!  It seems that my month on the bike built up an incredible backlog of crafting desire.  In the past three days alone I
  • knit a hat (to be felted) 
  • started sewing an Alabama Chanin skirt 
  • started a lacy cowl 
  • unraveled and washed a tank that didn't work out (for the bamboo yarn destined for a pattern I saw while looking for the felted hat instructions)
  • grabbed some extra "oh, these might be good for quick projects" skeins of yarn
  • looked up how to crochet a circular rug because Mulberry took a liking to the to-be-felted knit hat, and I thought I'd make him a rug (of course!)
  • planned to make the Taproot tunic (fast! easy!) (I'll be throwing the fabric in the laundry tonight and potentially cutting it out - damn!)
  • gotten the supplies together to fix the blanket I made for our friends' child (love can be so damaging!) - it needs to be returned to him before I can use their washer to felt my hat
 So...the living room is a bit of a craftory.

And just when I thought my temporary insanity might have mellowed, I pledged money to the UNICEF canvassers who came to my door.  It's an awesome kind of madness!

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  1. go knittery go... the Knitting Factory hits the Hammer...