Friday, February 6, 2015

Feel Me, Read Me. Watch Me, Eat Me

Elizabethan Collar, two by Jesse Mathes
I love this piece about a portrait artist that travels from sitting to sitting by bike.  But it's not just his transportation mode that appeals to me, it's also what he's doing and how that connects to modern life that inspires me.

Also in the love category is this artist's series based on personal space.  I can think of more than one occasion for many of the items she's created.  They're both beautiful and intimidating (see image above).

My father directed me to Gladys Bikes, a woman-focused bike shop in Portland, Oregon (I know - of course).  One of the things I really appreciate is that they are "committed to carrying as many products as they can from business and makers that are local, women-owned and USA made."  I'm sure that if they were in Canada, they'd be looking for Canadian made.

While I might often be late to the party, I really try to have a good time (and contribute to such) once I get there.   So I'm excited to listen to a new-to-me (since they've just surpassed their 100K download) podcast, Woolful.  It's not just a knitting podcast but one that deals with all kinds of fiber subjects as well as sustainability and environmental issues.

And finally, if you're cold and need a little warmth from within, try making your own hooch.  Crafty and tasty?  Let's see.

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