Friday, February 27, 2015

Feel Me, Read Me, Watch Me, Eat Me

Oh, I know I've been MIA and only part of it was vacation.  However, even though I'm headed to Ottawa this weekend (if you're in the area, come see the ladyfriend perform), I'm back - at least figuratively.

Many of us are overeducated and underemployed; this is especially true of adjuncts/sessionals.  The discussion on wages and stability for us continues.

Talk about bike culture - this would be a dream problem for so many of us!

Shout out to my father who sent me this link on nerdy knits.  He's a fan of the Yoda hat.  Babies are great because you can just dress them up as you want, and they can't say anything about it.

Finally, here's a video from a friend.  Catchy song and I love that parts of it were shot in my old subway station in Brooklyn.  Yay!

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