Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thoughts on Oscars Red Carpet Commentary - Part 1

I don't tweet, but I'm watching the E! network coverage of the Oscars' red carpet, and there are thoughts I can't keep back at the moment:

1.  Does Kelly Osborne actually know what ruching is?
2 a.  Why do we care what Khloe Khardashian thinks about the dresses?
2b.  Clearly Khloe has very traditional/conservative tastes.  Are you really saying that a beautiful light pink or peach couture dress isn't red carpet?  Is that why you're wearing red?  Can we say obvious?

I'm sure I'll have more comments as the evening goes on...

But here's the beauty of it all - during the commercials, I switch to the Rangers/Blue Jackets game.  The best of both worlds!

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