Friday, March 18, 2016

Feel Me, Read Me, Make Me, Think About Me

It's not a super-heavy week for links; I don't like to populate my own link list too often with links I've gotten from other such list because in my fantasy world the people who read my blog probably read at least one or two of the other blogs I read.

Firstly, I was totally inspired by this post on Refashion Co-op.  I've gotten fabric from thrift stores before, but I hadn't really scoured the bed linens section.  Will be adding this option to the list.

Speaking of thrifting, I came across this ancient (in internet terms) article on Rookie.  Sure, the publication is for teen girls, but I love the way they approach thrifting here, and frankly, the young women who wrote it are probably in their 20s now.

Having finished Better than Before (the habit book I was reading), I readily identified with this recent Bikeyface post.  The only downside was that I ended up buying a donut today.

I was happy to hear that Isabella Rossellini is the face of Lancome once again.  It's not about Lancome; it's about Isabella Rossellini.

And finally, this piece on jeans and fast fashion really hits the mark.  I particularly like this line: "now we want our jeans lived in even if we are not."

Get your life a little more lived in this weekend.  Enjoy!

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