Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Wardrobe Journal

I, like many other creatives, have a thing for journals.  It doesn't matter how many I might already have lying about; if I see one that I like and it's American- or Canadian-made, then I buy it.  I'll use it eventually.  I always do.

So on Easter Sunday, I found myself in my closet, trying to find an outfit to go with my Pink Souffle Hair Piece (basically a hatified headband), which my dad bought for me after I blogged about it here (sometimes the power of suggestion works!).  It really is awesome, but it's often hard for me to find something that works well with it.  But like I said, it was Easter, and some kind of hat is required for that day (even if one is not necessarily celebrating the holiday).

I tried on outfit after outfit, which is not usually my style (I can get a good outfit down in fewer than three tries, and usually, I just know what I want to wear), and modeled them for the patient ladyfriend.  I found one that worked fairly well but required heels, and we were walking to dinner (fried chicken at Hambrgr - yum!), so that nixed that.  I eventually ended up with a dress that was good, but it took awhile.

During that process I decided that I should keep a wardrobe journal (yeah, you were wondering about when that was coming in, I know).  My goal is to note the times (as well as specific clothing items tried and dismissed) when I find myself unable to wear something because I don't have something that works with it.  I will endeavour to be as specific as possible to make it even more helpful.

The idea is that by noting these details, I'll both see what I want to wear as well as the reasons why I'm unable to do so.  This will help me make items that play well with others instead of needing their own special corner.

Here's the notebook (5 1/2 x 4 1/4 - not too big, not too small)
Shout out to Rifle Paper Co. !
Since I'm not shopping for RTW (ready-to-wear) clothing this year, my options are thrifting or making.  Sunday's outfits were hampered by the lack of a top to go with my skirt options.  I was looking to have pink in the outfit, but my pinks weren't playing well together.  So my first thought is that I might be able to use a light pink button down shirt.

I like this pattern, the Granville shirt, from Sewaholic (Canadian patternmaker!) -

and I'm thinking about this fabric (organic cotton, made in Switzerland) -

Now I did have a less-than-successful experience in a dress shirt class that I took a number of years ago.  We never finished the shirt, it was a hand-drafted pattern, the written instructions (which we received after the class was over; most instructions were given in person, in class) weren't really helpful, and I'm not really sure about my then fabric choices.  But I am persistent, and if I could nail a dress shirt, I think I'd be able to take care of more than one issue in my wardrobe.  I have a deep love of white dress shirts and never seem to have enough.

I will keep you posted on the success (or not) of this project.

Ironically, I did walk into my closet the other evening and think, "Maybe I have too many clothes..."


  1. I think "Maybe I have too many clothes..." is an understatement in your case. (insert smiley face here) In your wardrobe notebook it will be interesting to note which clothes you wear more than others, and, of course, what you don't wear.

  2. Can you really say you have too many clothes when you don't have the item you need? Perhaps it's more about the kinds of clothes...