Friday, November 13, 2015

Pictures from a Purge

It's been a busy couple of weeks, what with a purge and a major birthday and a job to boot!

The purge went well.  It is only the first step of many, and the state of our lives at the moment (final weeks of semester and more), mean that we have to wait for the next purge (books!).

This is what I'll say about the process - I didn't necessarily have a physical reaction to everything I touched or at least one that I acknowledged.  But I did take the time to consider each item and found it pretty easy to let things go, especially since in addition to bags and bags of donations (10 bags or so) and bins for things for eBay (five bins), I curated a group for a friend and have some other clothing gifts to give out.  It's important to me that my clothing has a happy (or deserving - hah!) home.

Sometimes Joy is quiet.

The purge begins!

Not necessarily my best angle...

Look what the ladyfriend found - Girbaud jeans she'd patched in the '90s!  As Karen says, "Boro jeans!"  Yes, they spark Joy!

The closet after the dust settled (note there are a couple of things hanging that will be going on eBay; I just didn't want them on the floor or in a bin.)

The ladyfriend's fleece drawer, which elicits all kinds of responses.  Many of them along the lines of "You have so many fleeces."  The ladyfriend says a fleece is like a mullet when paired with a dress shirt - all business underneath, all party on top!

My sock drawer -

Still have to do shoes, but coats are done!  Huzzah!


  1. Psst: do all your clothes now fit in your closet, or do you still have annex clothing storage? The next question is: will sorting books be easier than going through your wardrobe? Do tell.

    1. Everything fits in my closet although I haven't quite figured out where I want to store "deep work clothes" like things I wear to shingle the roof and what-not. I may allow them to live in a bin in the basement. But that's only one bin! No more off-season, off-site storage for me!