Sunday, January 31, 2010

I used to think I was so busy when I lived in New York because it was New York.  Evidence points to another culprit: me.   So I'm posting a photo from Nova Scotia, where we spend a fair bit of time in the summer and manage to really slow down.  I could use a little bit of that now.  Following my almost tearful need to just sit and craft today, I did not go to yoga or the meeting that followed.  I'm still in my pajamas and pretty damn happy.

I've recently been entertaining the fantasy of living in the country and busying myself entirely with cooking, crafting, and creating.  It's unrealistic right now (uh, how would I make any money?), but I still play with the idea.

Finally, last night I had a vision unlike any I've ever had before.  Without really thinking about it, I saw myself hanging out with my friend Celine and her teenage child, like I was an honorary aunt or something.  Celine is pregnant with her first child right now.  The importance of this vision was that I actually envisioned staying in one place and becoming a long-term (local) part of someone's life besides my immediate family's.  I know that a lot of people do this as a matter of course, but I've never really thought of it as an option.  I considered this and thought, "Hey, that might be really nice."

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  1. I am very glad that you are planning on being around for a while because yesterday, when I completely lost it, then I finally came down and was shocked about what I just did, you were the first person I thought of!