Saturday, April 17, 2010

Boulder, CO to Vernal, UT

We spent a day and a half in Boulder, visiting Liss' family and taking a break.  One of the things we did was take a little walk/hike.  I have to say, Boulder is kind of seductive in that crunchy-healthy-let's-all-bike-around way; however, I also know it would drive me crazy.  For example, does everyone have to wear Tevas and jeans to dinner at a nice restaurant?  Ever hear of fashion?  Style?  Still, there are some appealing aspects to it.

One thing is the egalitarian signs:
Look!  It's either a flat-chested woman or a man with a pony tail.  How groovy is that?

A view from our walk (courtesy of Liss):
My badass brother-in-law and his bike:
Enough visiting, back on the road.  Driving through the mountains was phenomenal.
Check out  the train tracks.
We stopped in Steamboat Springs for lunch.   Not quite sure how I feel about this photo Liss snapped...
From Colorado, we made our way into Utah.  The landscape there is also amazing, but in a different way.
And then we found our way back to civilization.
When I checked into our hotel in Vernal, the clerk asked me, "Are you from France?"  Liss says it was because I wasn't dressed like anyone from around there.

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