Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guest Blogger - Liss shares three thoughts...

Ok, I'm more than hitchin' a ride, I'm taking the wheel (for just a few moments).

First: I must concur that Triple D has redeemed itself with Red Iguana. It was love at first bite.  And now I feel a little guilty, like I am cheating on MEX-I-CAN.  Dear MEX-I-CAN, I will return to you very, very, soon.

Second: How come Claudia doesn't post all the awesome photos I so carefully color correct and re-size in Photoshop?  Here are two she missed:
a) what if people want to know what is under the salt flats... that is why this very descriptive image is so valuable, it shows the gray/black clay under the salt... strangely mushy.

b) Crouching Claudia, hidden?  I wonder why she didn't post this one... She looks great - sort of like  a scientist scrutinizing the crusty surface. Such concentration.

Third: Claudia will not allow me to post a picture of a piece of racist Americana (displayed in a case at the Pioneer Village restaurant, circa 1882).  So I am showing an item found next to it (also a coin bank) from the same time period, and made of similar materials.  The one not pictured is called 'Jolly' - I'll leave that to your imagination. 

Final thought: keep off the rumble strips.

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  1. I am going to google it... I have to know now!