Monday, April 12, 2010

On the Road: Hamilton to Kalamazoo to Omaha

Yesterday was no day for photos, so it all starts with day 2 - from Kalamazoo, MI to Omaha, NE.

Our lovely accomodations last night:
(no, not our car - the Econolodge in Kalamazoo!)

Yesterday we were mostly listening to Liss' iPod, but today, we started with a CD.
(Said CD caused me to behave like an old person, lamenting how music (even "indie") really lacks political and social commentary these days...made me long for the Reagan/Thatcher era. Joking. Really - joking.)

So from Michigan we went across Illinois, where we had lunch at "RPlace, wooed there by their promise of home cooking, in-house bakery, and vintage toy museum. I'll try to post Liss' video of one of their featured attactions.

In Iowa we passed the World's Largest Truck Stop
and these crazy big tires being hauled down the road. Check them out in the second photo where Liss took a photo showing them in our side-view mirror.

One of the things we saw, we couldn't get a picture of; however, it could be a start of a roadtrip feature, Ain't that America (suggested by Liss). So for our first installment, here's the story:

As I was driving, there was a car that obviously had either not come with turn signals standard or the driver was unfamiliar with their function, so I watched it (the car) carefully. As we passed it, I thought I saw a dog on the driver's lap. Well, Liss saw not only the dog (on driver's shoulder) but an oxygen tube up his nose (sorry, don't know the official term). I passed the car, he pulled in behind me, and then I thought I saw him with a cigarette, which caused Liss to say "Ain't that America" as well as "Get away from him. He could blow up the car!"

For dinner we tried to go to Amato's in Omaha, which was featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but it was closed. So we went for another triple D (as Guy Fieri likes to call his show) feature, California Taco. (I know, I know - we're going to California, but we needed dinner in Omaha.) I'd say it was okay. Their big thing is to deep fry the tortilla for the taco. This is what my fish taco looked like.

Every roadtrip has a project. I'm currently working on the second of two socks. Here's where I am at the end of Day 2.

(The Noro yarn was the result of a yarn exchange with my Celine of granoland. The colour is more of a hot pink/red and is great to work with - thanks Celine!)

Tomorrow we drive to Boulder, where we'll stay for a few days. Maybe tonight I'll find some roadside attractions to visit. I should really grade some papers, though... (I may be on the road, but the work hitched a ride along.)

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