Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cute & Graphic

This Anthropologie dress is really cute and looks infinitely wearable.  It plays into the graphic, photo-based prints seen on the runway but at far less the investment.  It's also made in the USA.  I try to be conscious of where things are made; not in a xenophobic way, but in a way that considers labour conditions, price-to-production cost ratio (granted, I don't have exact figures), and construction.

Sure, I'd love a Jil Sander t-shirt...
... but I'd like a pied-a-terre in NYC as well.  This Anthropolgie dress could be the sartorial version of my visits to the city.

I'll be posting my projects/possible purchases for spring/summer soon.  There's far more that I'll be making (or finishing) than buying, which is a good thing given my recent post on my budget.  Of course, I'm curious - what's on your wishlist?

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  1. On my wish list I have massages, pedicure and Tshirt that rae not totally ruined because I wore them while pregnant...