Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Sense of Accomplishment

This past weekend I ended up replicating efforts on a couple of recipes (one of which will be documented soon in a guest post on Recipes for Trouble).  One of the projects that didn't require an automatic "do-over" was this sweater that I started way back in November.  The sweater has, in fact, been knit in its entirety for months now, but I have a habit of procrastinating on the sewing together.  This weekend was the perfect time for it - do a little sewing, engage in something else, weave in a few ends, make lunch.  And then, I had a new sweater!
I found the pattern via Ralvery and used some yarn I'd gotten in a sweater kit.  The buttons are from a stash of vintage ones I inherited via the ladyfriend.

I think it'll have great utility.  It swings out a little and is thick enough to act as a jacket.  On a budget?  Get crafty!

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