Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashion & Food - Two Favourites

I've started glancing at the What I Wore column in the Style section of the Sunday NYTimes.  Sometimes they feature people that, to put it diplomatically, I'm not particularly engaged by or interested in.  (Does that count as diplomacy?)  However, this past week featured chef Marcus Samuelsson.

I watched Samuelsson on season 2 of Top Chef Masters.  Friends of mine (one a former chef) have eaten at one of his restaurants and raved about his food. Additionally, I've been interested in going to Red Rooster Harlem although it might be nearly impossible to get a reservation now that Obama is holding his next Democratic National Party fundraiser there.  However, one of my themes for 2011 is "Book early to avoid disappointment," so maybe I'll guess when I'll be in NYC next and try for a reservation.

Anyway, I really enjoyed his diary of what he wore for the week.  Such a dapper dresser!  I'm impressed with his colour play, the way he represents his different identities/backgrounds sartorially, as well as his clear appreciation of clothing in general.  Plus, he's into thrifting!  Why aren't we friend?  To me, he's demonstrating how one can have their feet in multiple worlds without sacrificing commitment to any.

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