Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jeans, Barbecue, & Poetry

Despite the travel trauma of getting there, we really enjoyed Nashville.  On our first full day in town, I made sure we headed to Imogene + Willie - I was going to plunk down some serious cash for a serious pair of jeans.
Imogene + Willie (in the photo)
It should be clear to anyone who has read this blog more than once that I not only think a lot about clothes but value the handmade and the local as well.  It's really important for me to be aware of where my clothes come from (and other things for that matter) and to be conscious of their production and quality.  Imogene + Willie is one of a small group of independent producers who make and source jeans as locally as possible.  The denim comes from North Carolina, they make the jeans regionally, and all design, fit development, pattern making, and finishing touches are done at their shop in Nashville, TN.  The jeans aren't cheap, but they're going to last (they'll take care of any repairs should I need them).  I bought the Imogene Rigid jeans - I can't wash them for six months but must wear them during that time to break them in.   I have them on right now!  I can finally button them without assistance, lying on the bed, or jumping up and down (you buy them a size down).

I'm in love.

Not only were the people really nice, but the shop was super cool.

Check out the pattern pieces hanging in the photo below.

Maybe those are my jeans they're hemming in one of these photos.  They did them right there on the spot.  Yes, my jeans not only will fit my body specifically, they're the right length!  Why is this such a miracle?  Oh yeah, mass production has trumped individual fit.  (Yikes! Better watch that soapbox!)

Taking notes on the flea market and a good local vintage store.  Unfortunately, they'll have to wait until our next visit.

Afterwards we headed to Edley's Bar-B-Que where we shared a pulled pork sandwich with sides of macaroni and cheese and coleslaw.  Shopping is hungry work.  It's also thirsty work, so I had a beer with it.  I had a second one when we had to wait out the rain.  How I suffer so.

One of the main reasons we were in Nashville was the performance of our friend Rick Hilles's play, The Red Scarf and The Black Suitcase.  I'll speak more about Rick later; let me say here that experiencing his poem in this performance (featuring an actor and a pianist/singer) was special.  I'm glad that I hadn't had a chance to read the poem beforehand because this allowed the poem to really impact me.  I'm looking forward to revisiting it again soon.

just a pretty alleyway in Nashville

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  1. Picture please: you wearing your new jeans! I'm glad Nashville was worth the trauma of getting there.