Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome to My Nightmare

File under "Misery Loves Company" - my flight to Nashville was scheduled to leave at 8:55am this morning but because of the ground crew strike, I'm still sitting here at Pearson Airport.  I believe in the right to strike although I haven't really investigated the causes of this one; it's actually Air Canada's response that was problematic.  They definitely did not have their shit together today.  Not only did information and instructions change ("Oh, you checked a bag?  They let you check a bag? Well, you have to go back out and get it, and then go through customs and security again."  Fast forward an hour and suddenly that wasn't necessary - "Fill out a form at the Air Canada counter when you land and they'll courier your bag to you." Great, just great.), but when they supposedly booked us on other flights, they didn't really book us; in fact, now we're scheduled on two different flights (both with connections, of course), and I could end up landing in Nashville after 9pm tonight.  If the ladyfriend hadn't said something to me after she'd checked in (on her second go-around through security & customs), I might not have a flight at all.  And all you can do is give me a couple of lousy food vouchers for $10?!  You can imagine that all of this, combined with a 5:45am alarm, does not make for a charming Claudia.


  1. Dear, dear Claudia... lots of compassion from a french... Because in France, we DO know what the word "strike" means!!!! Oh! Yes we do!!!

  2. Ouch! May your time in Nashville be so over-the-top amazing that this Air Canada nonsense will be a minor inconvenience (eventually). Enjoy your weekend!