Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where's Claudia?

 Sometimes the blog is a little like that running program you were really jazzed about and started earnestly.  But then you slowly kept finding yourself on the couch at 11pm with nary a shoe laced to run  because you got sucked up into whatever variation of a daily grind you participate in.  You find yourself thinking up blog posts (or dreaming about runs) that somehow never get written, and there's both hope and guilt in that.  For me, it's kind of like writing letters - I generally feel like the recipient knows the contents of my letter just because I've written it (which is problematic if I refer to the contents of a letter that's still sitting on my desk).  When I think of blog posts, sometimes I feel like they've already been communicated.  My mistake.

It isn't a lack of interest - not in the least.  It's just a lack of renewable energy.  I'm pretty pooped right now.  Yes, the fact that we've spent the past two days moving our studio (thankfully only across the hall in the same building), were up celebrating a friend's birthday til 5:10am (daylight savings time) last night, and then played a hockey game this afternoon (in which we unsurprisingly sucked) has definitely played a role in this.  But what has made it even harder to do more than just above minimum is the crazy amount of travel that has taken place over the last month and continues into this one.

Excuse or reason?  It doesn't really make any difference.  I'm just informing, but in February I was away for 10 days, and in March I will be away for a total of 11 days.  I'm not talking about April just yet.

The next few days will be "Retro Days" where I will actually post some of the blog posts I made up in my mind.  Let's just hope they still make sense.

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  1. Moving studio sounds like a horror movie!! In my case it would be. Since you visited last year, I cleared out a lot but now I'm in the midst of several new projects and it looks chaotic again. Enjoy your clean studio while it lasts.