Friday, February 22, 2013

Feel My Pain (If Only A Little)

Did anyone hear my silent scream last night?  There I was, happily almost finished with one sleeve of my Tourist sweater (so appropriate, no?) when I saw it.  I saw what a different dye lot can do to your knitting.
Can you see the issue from there?
Okay, this is not my first time with the needles, and even recently had to get some yarn from a kind soul on Ravelry to finish a sweater (which I did finish but haven't photographed and is currently back in Canada).  The different dye lot didn't make any difference in that sweater, and I (mistakenly, obviously) thought that with a variegated yarn like this, any differences would be hidden.

But I was wrong.
So wrong.
(colour is more accurate in the previous two photos)
Really, I want to send the sweater to Canada for a three-month time-out by which time the season to wear it will have passed, and it will join the community of other   I have already ripped out and reknit a huge chunk of the body, and now it looks like I'm going to have to rip out the sleeve and see if alternating each of the yarns will make it okay although I'm afraid it'll give it some weird stripe. So I'll knit up a little swatch (hey, what's a little more knitting, right?) before I forge ahead.

I really just want to wear this sweater. I'm fighting a cold and could use a snuggly sweater.  A cold + a sleeve to rip out and reknit = cranky.

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