Monday, February 11, 2013

From Cleanse to Cleaning

So after a three and a half week trip to visit family and friends, which followed closely on the heels of the holiday season, we felt like doing a cleanse was in order.  The Dr. Oz 48-Cleanse was recommended, so we went with it.  It really wasn't that bad, and one can do almost anything for 48 hours.  I'm not sure I'm feeling cleansed (most likely goes beyond my body), but my liver, kidneys, and colon are probably happy.

And now to the cleaning.  We are on our way to Berlin for our sabbatical and are renting our house out.  That was great news; however, we didn't really think about the scope of the clean-up required for a renter (as opposed to a housesitter).  You can't just leave family photos, weird knick-knacks, and underwear around.

So this is the current landscape of our living room:
The best thing about boxing all your stuff up is that a) you get to sort through it (although one must be careful not to get sucked into the minutiae of, say, the medicine cabinet), b) you get to change the way it goes back into your house when you return (another opportunity for weeding out junk as well as implementing a new system of organization), and c) you clean out areas you never really think about (like the interior shelves of the kitchen cabinets).  It is a lot of work, but it'll be worth it.

Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to pack.  I have a three-month wardrobe to figure out.  Stay tuned for the fashion shenanigans.


  1. I miss you already. Also, on an unrelated note, this blog makes you type in two "words" to "prove that you're not a robot." Those words are always super small and barely readable. I really can't figure out if I'm typing the right thing half the time....

    Anyway, have a great trip and I'm looking forward to the posts.

  2. Even so I'm happy for you, I have to admit I am wondering how I'll survive you being away for so long!
    Send me your Berlin address if you want some handwritten letters or even a care package ;0)
    Enjoy your trip!!!
    And Alana is right about the robot stuff!