Monday, February 25, 2013

Wander Lust

Random closed factory in Prenzlauer Berg
We keep broadening our circle outwards, exploring new grounds and familiarizing ourselves more and more not only with the city but with our own neighborhood.

Imagine how excited I was to discover a yarn shop less than a block from our flat!  How did I miss it with this great bike out front?  Two of my favourite things - biking & knitting.  They have a knitting night each Tuesday, and I plan to join them...once I take care of that sweater (another post on the traumatizing Tourist sweater will follow soon).
And then a little reminder of home at the grocery store -  Brooklyn Brewery beer!  But I'm not handing over 2,99Euro for a single bottle (of a beer I'm familiar with) when I can get a six-pack of German beer (a sampler even) for 4,99.  That's me, budget-minded!
Spring seems to be trying to stake a claim,
which is great because I found a bike!  Her name is Penelope!
The ladyfriend has decided her bike is Roxanne; what's really funny, and true to us, is that my bike is smaller than hers, but she likes a tall girl and I like a short one, so I think we'll all be fine.


  1. Psst: By the time you come home, there'll be a new yarn shop in your neighbourhood, complete with classes! =)

  2. The bikes look great and the pics so far are excellent! Looks amazing. I'm jealous of the German beer. Describe it to me!