Monday, February 4, 2013

Heath Brings It All Home

We took a little field trip out to Sausalito to check out the Heath Ceramics factory and store.  We started our set of Heath dishes a couple of years ago and have put together a good set of dinnerware.  As the ladyfriend repeatedly said after our tour, "Now I'm even happier with our Heath dishes."  When you learn what goes into them and how they are truly hand-crafted, their beauty goes beyond the glaze.

Mold imprint close-up
Every dish is handmade and the entire process takes place in their Sausalito factory - from making the clay to forming the dishes to mixing the glazes to firing.  Each dish is checked for quality, and if they don't meet the standards, they become "seconds" sold only at the factory store. 

One of the kilns
We lucked out and bought a set of "seconds" house numbers in the Neutra style.  Can't wait to install them!

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