Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen

No photo right now, just a quick note.  My friend sent me the text - "Alexander McQueen killed himself!"  I was waiting for my train to London (Ontario) and in the midst of grading papers.  I had to call my mom.  She'd heard the news from a coworker, who also had received a text from a friend.  There are not many people with whom I can share the sadness - what a terrible, terrible loss.  First Isabella Blow, now Alexander McQueen.

Of the many things I've read so far, I think what Tim Blanks wrote on is the most heartfelt and poignant.

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  1. i agree that the Tim Blanks comment was poignant. i too was shocked when i heard and deeply saddened as though he had touched my life personally, and I suppose in a way he did. to lee, may he and isabella be able to make wherever it is, a more fantastic place.