Sunday, February 21, 2010

Skanked at Saxony House but satisfied at DB Bistro- Feb. 19

Our big excursion on Friday was to be a trip to Stanley Park to check out what I'd erroneously called Deutsches Haus.  In fact, it was Saxony House - a regionally-themed German house.

The bus ride out there was long, but we managed to hook up with another German, which we believed would ensure our successful pilgrimage.
Germans or no Germans, the line was long and didn't move.  (This later influenced a rather strange dream in which I was trapped in some kind of conveyor-belt bathhouse, where they only let the children out in order to make people believe you could actually go in and out.  I know, crazy-ass dream, but it was visually compelling.  However, I don't really want to unpack it right now.)  After 45 minutes or so in line Liss and I had to leave to get back in time to meet up with D. & S. for dinner.

The houses, or pavillions as many are called, are predominantly advertisements for countries or provinces (Saskatchewan House anyone?), and I think the main attraction of Saxony House was beer, which I can get almost anywhere.  I don't need to stand in line for a German beer and a bratwurst.  Thanks, though.

Dinner was far more successful.  Liss and I took our lovely hostesses, D. & S., to db bistro moderne, a Daniel Boloud place.  We were early for our reservation so we had a pre-dinner beer down the block.  Look!  No lines!  No crowds!  Beer! (The cream soda in the foreground is Liss's.)

The food and service at db bistro moderne was nice.  I had the pork cheek tortellini as did D., Liss had the coq au vin, and S. had the steak frites.  Seth Rogan was there as well, being preened over by the chef.  I believe he had the salt-baked fish special.  While not being clucked over by the chef, we did establish a nice banter with our waiter, which was probably just as rewarding.  Did I mention there'd be lots about food here?


  1. all this talk about food made me insanaly hungry and I had to go get a donut!!!! Now heartburns are killing me and I keep thinking I am going to have a 12 pounds baby!!!
    So now skipping Pilates tonight is out of the question even so we are supposed to have our first snow storm this year....

  2. The 3 brewers on Yonge in Toronto: good beer but bad sauerkraut, just so you know...
    I still have heartburn... It should be called Hurtburn really...