Monday, February 22, 2010

Canada vs. USA - Feb. 21

It was a leisurely Sunday.  We all went out for breakfast (surprise, surprise) and then went on our individual ways. It was a beautiful day, so Liss and I rambled down Main Street where we came upon an indie craft market.  There was evidence of great local talent, and we picked up some examples to take home - a couple of necklaces, a t-shirt, soap, and magnets.

We opted for a little downtime before heading out to a local watering hole (really?  is that what I normally would call it?  is this an example of literary license?) to watch the Canada/US men's hockey game.  It gave me a chance to start reading Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. the debut short story collection by Wells Tower.  The stories in this collection are tight, the kind of good writing that can depress you (or at least me) because it's just that - so good.  Wells was in a class I took at Columbia before I became a grad student there, but I didn't know him; however, I've heard him read and figured this collection would not disappoint. 

Despite the fact that there are a lot of bars around here, it wasn't easy to find a place to park ourselves.  We (Liss, S., and I) ended up at Burgoo again (see earlier photos of massive grilled cheese sandwiches and French onion soup). Imagine this scene - a restaurant full of people watching the game.  The US scores, and there are only three people cheering, loudly.  That would be me, Liss, and S.  Thankfully we're pretty charming so no one wanted to beat us up afterwards.  If there'd been room at our first choice pub, it might've been a different story.

Women's hockey today - we're going to two games, a semifinal and a playoff.


  1. These Olympics should be called the USAlympics because all the time I turn on the TV, they are winning something (I know, the most important is to participate but still!!!). On top of that, they are also good looking!!!

  2. Yes, Celine, we all are. Anyway, I just finally got a chance to check out the blogeroo since you've been gone Claudia and your pics are awesome and I'm jealous about all of the good food. We've been there with you in spirit but probably not getting nearly as much exercise as you are. I didn't even know DB had a place out there. He's everywhere. Deus Boludus. Anyway, continue to enjoy.

    Watching the games has been great having a back up winner all the time. Cheering for both Canada and the States gives a lot of satisfaction!

  3. One would think from the commercials that all the olympians are eating well at McDonalds. The preferred food of the 2010 Winter Ganes.

    In other commercial news, there are TONS of images with girls hockey. Chevy, McDonald's and Walmart are ALL running ads promoting girls ice hockey. They ARE all little girls too. Gawd forbid they show teenagers or women banging the boards.

    I agree your photos are awesome. Looking forward to more stories next week!!

  4. it's so nice to be able to keep up with you guys on this blog. and what a blog! miss you two so much! big love!

  5. IAN!! The prodigal son appears! YOU'RE missed too- in BKLYN!! big luv and hugs from the 'hood.