Sunday, April 14, 2013

Final Paris Post

I'm becoming more flexible.  I'll open a map in public (sometimes), and I've taken bus tours around the city.  While going on the Circle Line in NYC was fun (as someone who lived there and could be amused by it all) is one thing, going - as a tourist (see, I'm flexible - I can use the word "tourist" to refer to myself - sort of) - on a boat trip had been just short of mortifying.  But really.  Who wants to spend hours in line to go to these landmarks when you can see them from the Seine, idly floating by?

Welcome to the vacation slideshow 2013 edition!

Not all items of interest are in the tour books.  Makeshift housing along the Seine.

Vanna White has nothing on Don!

We can't figure out who is imitating whom.

St. Genevieve - Patron Saint of Paris

And then, one does have to eat.
I have to say, the steak tartare that Alana and I made was better.  Yes.  I said it.  Better.


  1. Amazing photos - lucky you. This kind of adventure isn't tourism, it's traveling, in the very best sense of the word!

  2. Paris looks like the kind of place that, as amazing as Liss's pics are, must be seen up close. Glad that our tartare held up though....:)

  3. PS I love all the Japanese tourists you captured on film...