Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So Many Thoughts, So Little Time - A Rant

The last week has been rather busy.  We had a guest in town, and then the ladyfriend and I traveled to Bremen to see The Knife (full post on that coming, promise), and all the while I've been battling a sense of disgust at the world.  Oh yeah, full on thinking that there's nothing we can do.   Congress can't pass gun control legislation because so many of our politicians (not just Republicans) have been bought by the gun lobby and their own irrational fears of government control.  Shropshire sheep (a rare heritage breed) are being killed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency just because they might have scrapies (after destroying the pregnant, yes pregnant, ewes, all the tests came back negative).  If I want to get conspiratorial, I'd say it's part of a larger plan to have everything genetically modified (hey thanks, Monsanto!).  And then there's the collapsed garment factory in Bangladesh that's killed 377 and I'm sure most people are blissfully unaware of.   Check your clothes, I'm sure some of them will say "Made in Bangladesh."  It's almost unavoidable - like "Made in China."

Oh sure, there's more, but this is enough to start doubting the system's ability to actually make our lives better, not worse.  But we need to do more than just talk (or mope) about it; it's lit a fire under my ass.  How about yours?

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  1. I agree with you. The worst part is that while the media focus on something, the governments generally take advantage of by passing unpopular legislation (like reducing funding for schools or long term care homes for example or increasing some taxes here and there...). Do you know that in France people avoid buying chineese products since a lot of people including kids got violent allergic reaction to the highly chimical dye they used on clothes? Maybe there is hope...