Monday, April 1, 2013


I decided to register for the Avon Running Berliner Frauenlauf (5km run at the beginning of May), but in order to register I had to take a health survey, which I did my best to answer honestly.  This is what it said to me:

"You have answered one or more questions with YES.! If you do not have excessive muscle mass, you are overweight. You have had a sports physical within the last 2 years.
This means that you likely already have one or more risk factors, and in the future you should monitor your health status on a regular basis. The fact that you are overweight increases your potential risk. The results of this test do not necessarily mean that you cannot participate in sports, but rather that your participation in sports should be monitored and controlled.
Please follow the recommendations from your doctor should any indications have been found during your sports physical. Your primary physician, if possible, together with a sport medicine specialist, should advise you as to under what conditions you can become physically active or continue participating in sports.
You should repeat your sports physical every 1-2 years. Information on what should be covered at such an exam and the guidelines from the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention are available on our website.
Please repeat the questionnaire once a year or when you have taken a break from sports for longer than 6 months."

Really?  I mean, I'm not skinny, but I don't feel like I'm risking my life. (I mean, look at the exclamation point at the end of that first sentence.)  Is there something lost in translation here?  Why so harsh?   Just because they're Germans?  Well, I'll show them.

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  1. yeah - make 'em pay for those exclamation points. I really really doubt you are "risking your life...." Isn't that really sort of paradoxical anyway? Like, you're overweight. Don't exercise. ???