Friday, January 16, 2015

Feel Me, Eat Me, Watch Me, Read Me,

If you've read this blog or know me, you know I'm into beer.  It's frequently my drink of choice (along with bourbon & martinis), and I'm about to start brewing it.  So I was interested in this list of 20 Must-Try Styles of Beer.  I like a good to-do list.  And since Canada is known for its rye whiskey, I was happy to see this list of cocktails, most of which sound delicious (not sure I need kale juice in my alcoholic beverage; I'm not drinking for my health).  I'm thinking that the Filibuster might be the one I try first.

There've been a couple of news stories that caught my eye.  What I thought initially was good news (the FDA easing its lifetime ban on gay men donating blood) is only so-so news.  What makes is so-so is that if a man has had sex with another man within the last year, they're not allowed to give blood.  So, I guess this is good for celibate gay men and bisexual men currently involved with women. I wish I were more enthusiastic about the change.

In the bad news category, last year was the hottest year on record.  Unfortunately, I don't think that many of the climate change deniers will bother to read (and absorb) that memo.

What's a list of suggested sites without a few cycling-related ones?  Check out this interesting cargo bike, and this definition of mixed company is pretty funny.

I made a couple of batches of bone broth (what I also just call stock) from pork bones gifted to me from last weekend's sausage making fest and found this recipe, which made good use of some of the stock.   I didn't end up putting pork stew meat into it (didn't have any at my coop), but I did pull off some of the meat from some roasted bones, added more cabbage, and then dumped some pastina (teeny tiny pasta) into it.  Definitely was not missing more meat.

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