Monday, January 5, 2015

On My Mind Mondays: Forward, Never Straight


It is the first day of the winter term at my university although I don't go in until tomorrow, so naturally my mind is geared toward start-of-school/start-of-the-new-year issues.  However, these may be different than most conventional issues.
  1.  Resolutions:  I stopped making resolutions awhile ago although I always have ideas about how I want the new year to go or what I wish to accomplish.  I generally say that each year I want to be more of the person that I am.  Today I read this post, and it hit a chord with me.
  2. Nighttime visibility:  Yes, I'm searching for reflective tape.  My initial thought was to get black reflective tape (that glows silver in light) and accessorize a number of my jackets; however, I'm beginning to think that making my bike more visible will be far more efficient.  In keeping with my Made in USA/Canada desires, 3M makes a reflective tape in the US, which MEC (sort of a Canadian REI) sells by the meter.  If I'm putting it on my bike, the fact that it's silver isn't a deal breaker (will most likely line my rims and spokes).  I've spent a good amount of time online trying to find a good deal, but sometimes convenience and supporting a local-ish store trumps cost.  Besides, I don't think I need a 50-foot roll of black reflective tape.
  3. Winter cycling:  It was -9C (15.8F) this morning and got colder as the day went on.  I used my physio appointment as a chance to continue to problem-solve stylish winter cycling.  I ended up layering a Nike dri-fit long-sleeved shirt under my new Vulpine merino jersey, which looked nice with a felted wool skirt and black tights.  I wore cycling "legs" over my tights and a neck gater, a head/ear band (do these things have a proper name?), and my Patagonia Lidia parka (no longer produced).  On my feet, I put a pair of SmartWool socks (low profile) over my tights and put my feet into my Blundstones.  I wore ancient polypro glove liners under a pair of fleece gloves.  I was pretty warm although my face froze.  Note to self (and to everyone else) - don't wear metal framed sunglasses in the winter.  Ouch!
  4. My first day of class:  What will I do?  What will I wear?
  5. (Totally unrelated but on my mind) - DSLR photos on blogs:  Has anyone else noticed that people who have DSLRs seem to post way too many photos?  It seems to me that every single image is precious to them.  I'm in favour of editing.  I don't need to see every moment, captured in a single frame, of...pretty much anything.

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