Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting There

From Copenhagenizecom
There's been a lot of discussion in Hamilton about the demise of the bus-only lane on a main thoroughfare through town and the inability of the city council to get the light rail transit system going.  So Environment Hamilton, the same folks who put together the Lake to Lake ride I did last June, have started a campaign called Throw Council on the Bus, which lets Hamilton residents pledge money for a councillor (or multiple ones) to commute by bus for a week.  You wouldn't believe some of the blow-back and some of the excuses.   It's clear that many of the councillors are out of touch with reality and have no understanding of the integral part public transportation plays in many people's lives.

In  the meantime, the Hamilton Bike Share program, SoBi, has deployed a number of bikes throughout the city ahead of the March launch.  Initially I thought I had no need for a bike share membership; after all, I do own four bikes.  However, last week, I was meeting the ladyfriend for a gift consult after my regular "beer and a half" date with a friend.  It was then that I realized that if I had a SoBi account, I could ride to my various appointments and catch a ride home with the ladyfriend (I know - the accursed car!) rather than meet her at home ten minutes later (okay, I know, poor Claudia - waaah, another ten-minute bike ride.  I know, I know).  All this to say, while city council is dragging its heels and investing in the continuance of car culture, there are little victories all over the city.  Every time I ride my bike, I feel like I'm contributing to the greater bike culture of Hamilton.

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