Saturday, January 31, 2015

Feel Me, Eat Me, Watch Me, Read Me

Image from Offbeat Home
It is no secret I love my pressure canner;  I've even considered getting a tattoo of it (seriously).  But I haven't cooked with it yet (mine does both).  This recipe for Texas Chile Con Carne is definitely tempting me to give it a try.

I also happen to love jalapeno poppers (don't judge), and this recipe (also from Serious Eats) seems to problem-solve a number of issues home cooks have making them.

Two of my favourite things together:  bicycles and knit items.  This dress is really sweet and looks absolutely cozy.

And speaking of pairing knitting with something - how about poetry?  Ten Poems About Knitting is a mix of classic and contemporary poems that deal with knitting; one poem seems to be calling my name (although I swear there's a typo in the title):  The Manly Art of Knitting.

I might be talking to a colleague's class about women and hunting.  Maybe I should make this sweater to go along with it.

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