Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Ain't Over til It's Over

This year we're celebrating Christmas on the 28th.  It was our work-around for all the people who work retail and can't get away.  So I've been crafting and cooking and what-not like crazy.

One thing my partner and I realized is that not celebrating Christmas on the 25th makes you feel like you decided to go to an entirely different party than the one everyone else is attending.  It was a little weird.  We went to the movies and saw "It's Complicated."  Perfect holiday movie.

Soon I'll be able to talk about all the things I made without telling any of the recipients about their gifts!  Maybe I'll even be able to take a picture of our tree as well - an ode to maximalism.

Happy, happy to everyone out there!

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  1. Oh good! With any luck our present will arrive today. I hope so. We went to our traditional chinese banquet on the UES and we were home by 4:30pm then hosted a few friends. With peanut brittle. :) I got lots of fun toys too. We also saw Nine and loved it. What's not to love? An italian musical with lovely lovely scenery. I want to see Avatar too, but its been blasted in the feminist blogs as yet another white male saviour/guilt complex movie, so I am conflicted.

    That upstart whippersnapper Tavi got a cover on the NYT Sunday Styles section yesterday. Just thought you should know...