Friday, December 11, 2009


I wandered around Toronto yesterday, popping in and out of shops, mostly just considering items.  Of course I managed to pick up a few holiday gifts as well as some yarn for myself (hey, I need a top to go with a recently-hemmed pair of pants - what do you expect me to do?).

But what really occurred to me as I meandered about was that I want a frothy colourful 50s-style cocktail dress for the holidays.  Absolutely no black - I swear!  I'm leaning toward red.  I'm on the hunt now (in between my grading responsibilities) and briefly toyed with the idea of sewing my own.  But who am I kidding?!  I barely have time for the projects lined up in the craftory as it is!  I'm just hoping that I can find a dress that fits my proportions (it seems that the girls in the 50s were stacked with tiny waists!).  I'm ever hopeful.

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