Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Today I'm feeling just that - lackluster.  Is it because:

a) my cat sleeps all over me at night?
b) I awoke painfully early this morning (6:30am) and got out of bed at 7:30?
c) I expected snow, but just got cold rain?
d) post-last-day-of-classness and the massive amounts of papers I need to grade?
e) hitting the holiday wall?
f) trying to get my son a flight out here for the holidays?

Regardless, I'm trying to combat it with some knitting (making my way through the second sock) although I'd planned on going to the studio to do some serious sewing (which really needs to be done).  Even the sock is kind of uninspiring.  Then my friend at granoland sends me a link to this blog written by a 13-year old with a Comme des Garcons obsession and I find myself experiencing some confusing feelings...

I'm going to mull them over while working on an entirely non-holiday related project - freehand embroidering & embellishing a sweater with some permanent stains.  Maybe I'll have something to show for myself later.


  1. Much can be said about this time of year but I think the growing To Do list in the lives of most people makes life a slog. It's good to have non-holiday activities that are "just for fun."

    It lets you do something you want to do and lets you feel in control of the To Do list that is threatening to engulf your life.

    This might not be the best blog to say, "Thank goodness for football!" but hey....

  2. I know: this blog is quite confusing!