Sunday, December 6, 2009


progress -

(might finish the first sock tonight!)

me happy -
(Rangers win 2-1, and we were there! )

 (photo courtesy of Joy the Baker)

(hoping I can make them without eating them all.)

me laugh -

Saturday Night Live's Vagisil Ladies's Bowling Tournament skit last night (which you can only watch online if you're in the States) featured our own Copp's Coliseum in the opening set-up.  Yes, that's right - Hamilton, Ontario's Copp's Coliseum was the stock footage used by SNL.  That and the skit itself were pretty much the funniest things on the show in its entirety.

Happy St. Nikolaus Day!

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  1. Wow. I'm starting to feel very comfortable walking through your (blog) door and setting myself down on the loungey chair which is good since I'd never checked out a blog, much less posted on one before yours. A portal in so many ways....

    These cookies look like the kind that you could pile up, just as you've done and pinch about 4 of them between a finger and thumb and (delicately, of course) place into your (my) mouth and thoroughly enjoy. yum.