Monday, December 7, 2009

Red Letter Day!

Let me start by saying that I have what is becoming a more and more unusual relationship with the mail.  I love it when the mail comes.  For me, there is always the possibility that something good will come - a story acceptance, a letter (quite rare), a magazine, or sometimes money.  One of my sorrows in Canada is that there is no Saturday delivery.

So when my new issue of Selvedge came today, I was elated!

Selvedge is one of those magazines that always makes me happy - it's hard to describe why it's so thrilling to me.  Maybe it's because it takes textiles seriously and always has interesting articles and beautiful photography.  Maybe it's because it fuels my imagination and gives me glimpses of lives perhaps different than mine, but ones that share my interests.  All I know is that once it arrives, it often consumes all my attention.  Of course I keep all my back issues.

To make it an even greater pleasure, they have an article about one of my favourite individuals:  J. Morgan Puett.

J. Morgan Puett made clothes for a number of years.  I own a number of her pieces - they were generally marked by their craftsmanship and Puett's vision of interesting clothing.  What I continue to admire about her is that she really has made her own life - she's an artist, a designer, and an independent thinker and spirit.  There was a great article about her in the NYTimes awhile back, and her website also bears evidence of this.

I wish she still made clothes.  Now I've resorted to copying a favourite pair of pants and trawling e-bay for old pieces.

Another great thing is that I signed up to participate in The Fiction Project.  Their description works best here:  "Sign up and receive a 5.5 by 8.5 inch Moleskine Cahier notebook and a randomly selected theme. Create your narrative using words and images and send it back to be a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library."  I can't wait to receive my notebook and find out what my theme is.

And finally (for now, at least), the first flurries of the season came today.  The weather forecast calls for more sustained snow in a few days.  Ah winter.


  1. Even though I can't remember what it means, the word selvedge takes me back to Home Economics class. Long hours spent wrangling crimplene with an ex-nun's eagle eye upon us, and a stiff apricot-orange wraparound skirt to look forward to...

  2. I only remember cooking in home economics. Making inedible cookies and bread and then being nervous to eat them because we'd seen cockroaches before in the room. Yuck. An inauspicious beginning to my culinary interests.

    I can only imagine that it would have been much more tolerable with the presence of an ex-nun. How exciting!

  3. Cool, Claudia. really cool. I'm looking forward to reading about your theme and your process.

    "..No sleep til Brooklyn!"