Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big girl out on the city alone

 That's the way it's looking tonight.

I have two tickets to go see Karen Elson, the stunningly beautiful model turned singer/songwriter, tonight and no one to go with.  This is one of those things I hate - going to something that will definitely be conversation-worthy and having no one to really share it with.  Oh sure, I can and will review it here, there, and everywhere, but it's different if the person with whom you're talking experienced it too and can add their perspective.  Maybe I'll make some new friends there.  Most likely I'll sit at the bar and nurse a club soda (driving).  Too bad you can't smoke inside anymore (says the girl who ran six miles yesterday).

You can check out her music yourself.   She's got some videos up on YouTube.  The title track from her album is The Ghost Who Walks.  Right now it's making me think a little of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with a southern Gothic twist a la a supermodel from England.

I'll bring my camera in case I can snap a few photos.  I may be too stunned to lift my camera however...

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