Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Two-Year Plan

On my birthday, or thereabouts, I came up with the goal of being at the weight and in the shape I ultimately wanted to be.  All my older friends talk about how difficult it is to maintain those things.  I figured, at a certain point there's a limit to the changes you can make to your body.  A deadline was a good way to motivate me to get it done before it was a moot point.
     I'm just about five months away from that deadline.  That's one of the reasons why getting into the Nike Women's Marathon was so exciting - I should be in great shape by then and it's only weeks before my birthday.  I'm trying to practice common sense in my training (not generally my MO) - increasing slowly, listening to my body, etc., and feeling pretty good.  In fact, I'm going down to DC to run a 10K with my dad (who has the most amazing legs from cycling - no lie!).
     I'm a little sheepish to admit that I think about my weight.  It feels a little politically and socially incorrect.  My community is into big women.  I'll never be mistaken for a waif, and quite honestly, I'm not interested in that.  However, I know that I perform better (work & play) at a lower "fighting weight," and perhaps more importantly, I have a lot of money invested in my wardrobe, and I'd just assume lose the weight to fit back into it.  That would be an economic choice.
     So there it is.  Only five months to go.  I'm having visions of Amazons dancing in my head.

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  1. Claudia writes "I'm having visions of Amazons dancing in my head."

    ha ha, that is SOO funny! So was I!