Monday, June 7, 2010

Dateline DC

I mentioned picking peas from one of my father's community garden plots (he has two) in my post of a few days ago.  Well, that same garden is being considered for a Marine Corps expansion, and the story was in the Washington Post today.  My dad has become quite active in this cause and told me that a lot of the problems have been caused by a private developer whose original plans for his land fell through.  Now he's trying to cut a deal that puts the garden at risk.  I'm glad that my father is engaged in this cause, and the garden is lucky to have him on their side.  Go activist dad, go!
     One of the bonuses of driving back to Canada (besides control over transportation and smaller carbon footprint than a plane) is being able to bring a case of beer back.  And the bonus of having my dad with me, besides the fact that he's with me, is that we get to bring TWO cases of beer back.  My joy is hardly containable.  I'll be bringing home some Sierra Nevada, Flying Dog, Dogfish Head, Red Hook, Magic Hat, and Honkers (a new one to me), and I'll probably be hoarding it.  I feel most secure when I have a case of microbrew sitting in the cellar.

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