Saturday, June 5, 2010

DC Directive

Have I mentioned how hot and humid DC can be and happens to be at this moment?  I have to admit that there is something I like about that kind of weather - in small doses and with access to air conditioning, of course.  I think it's the enveloping effect of it.
     Bought an ice cream maker at a thrift shop today - $4 with box & instructions.  It's a  hand crank, but I figure you should work for your treats.  My dad and I hit a few yard sales, a couple of thrift stores, and stopped by his garden, which always makes me jealous, to pick some peas to bring back north with us.
     Early rise and shine tomorrow - I think we're leaving the house at 7am (gasp!) because the run is about an hour away, and we have to park and take a shuttle bus (15 min) to the start, and we haven't picked up our bibs or anything like that.  Despite the early time, I'm looking forward to this.  I like running with my dad.  It's something that we share.

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  1. Best of luck with your run. I have to say, one thing I really admire about you is your commitment to things. It looks like your goal of trimming down is developing well. Here's to health!