Monday, June 14, 2010


I know I didn't post yesterday, which broke my current writing streak, but I refrained from doing so for two reasons:  healthy paranoia (saw a creepy Criminal Minds episode where the killer stalked his victims via on-line activity and a segment on 60 Minutes about the vulnerability of life-as-we-know-it on account of foreign hackers) and the fact that I wasn't really sure what I wanted to say.  Sometimes it's better to let the moment come to you than to force it just because you said you'd write.
   But more importantly,  we didn't buy the Batavus bike we looked at yesterday.  The day before we'd had a discussion about finances, and we're both aware that we're living beyond our means.  It's kind of crazy when you realize that because everything just feels like it's okay.  But when you look at what comes in and what goes out, you quickly realize that there's a discrepancy there.  It's very much a growing up moment, at least for me.
   However, that wasn't why we didn't buy the bike (Batavus Entrada pictured below).  We ended up passing on it because neither of us was in love with it.  I liked the ride and had it been a few hundred dollars cheaper, I might've jumped on the opportunity then and there - I can fake a little love until it actually develops.  But Liss was lukewarm, and if we were really going to share this bike, then we should both feel strongly about it.  So for now, no new bike.
    Quite honestly, I really like the styling of the more traditional (although made for the US market) Breukelen.   And yes, that's Brooklyn.
(It generally has a skirt guard too, but it's not pictured here).
    Both bikes are seven speeds, which will make commuting a bit easier than it is on the one-speed Raleigh folding bike pictured in an earlier post.   However, summer session is over soon, and then we're off for a bit.  We'll be taking our road bikes on that trip.

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