Friday, January 15, 2016

Clothes I Thought About Buying: Blackbird Studio Dress

Last night was really the first time I had to remind myself that I'm on a make/mend/thrift journey (I like the idea of journeys).  The ladyfriend and I were walking to Mesa for dinner (yum yum yum) and talking about my decision to take the Brompton off the London roads (where I use it to get to and from work during the school year) until the thaw.  This decision will save me close to $200 because I won't be buying studded tires for it (a little sad).  So as we came upon Blackbird Studios, I saw this dress in the window and without thinking said, "Well, I could buy this now."  A split second later, I said, "Oh yeah, I can't."  And that was that.


  1. Ah. Was this your first temptation? Have you read Judith Levine's Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping? (2006) The library has a copy in case you are interested.

    1. Yes, definitely first temptation although it didn't feel like an actual temptation, just an automatic thought. I read Not Buying It a couple of years ago (got it from the library); I've thought about revisiting it.