Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wardrobe Thoughts & Plans

So for 2016, I've taken the make/mend/thrift pledge, which means no buying new clothes.  I don't really feel like I purchase a lot of new clothing each year, but I probably buy more than I'm aware of, and my mother likes to buy me clothes (this may be harder for her than it will be for me).

I've been inspired by my own desire to make more of my clothing, the purge (as it has now come to be known in my mind - kinda biblical and still ongoing), things like Slow Fashion October and MeMadeMay, as well as Karen Templar of Fringe Association who has been blogging about crafting her own wardrobe and encouraging participation in slow fashion.

I wish I could sketch like Karen, but that is not part of my skillset at the moment.  So I've got some images and ideas to share here and will endeavour to continue to do so during this process (and forever - I'm nothing if not ambitious).

I tried to take a good look at my closet.  It really is an eclectic mix of styles and functions, but it suits me.  It also makes it hard to think in terms of key pieces, since I don't expect everything to be able to go together.  However, I have come up with some items that I think will pull a lot together.

For some reason, I think that a short-sleeved simple crewneck raglan sweater, in mustard, will be key.   I bought some yarn for this project at the Romni Wools Boxing Day Sale (whew!  what a crowd!).  I'm looking at this pattern and Karen's guide for a top-down sweater as a starting point.  In my mind, it will go perfectly with culottes in khaki (okay, I'm stealing some ideas from Karen).  This is a Vogue pattern; mine would be a tad bit longer.

The sweater will also look amazing (can you see my confidence soar just talking about it?!) with this skirt from Seamwork in a deep purple wool.

At the Boxing Day sale, I tried to find some brown wool for a turtleneck but between my ideas of what kind of brown (rich chocolate brown, please) and the crowds as well as my ill-preparedness (I should've scoped things out beforehand like other savvy shopper did), I let it go.  Instead, I think I'll sew one up. I have a serger, so it shouldn't be too hard (she says, buoyed by optimism).

I also have a desire to make the Gallery Dress, perhaps as a sleeveless tunic in some fabric I picked up at Needlework to further utilize these great leggings I got from Carouselink (bought them last year, thank you very much).

 Other items on my list include the following:

  1. An aran sweater out of yarn I bought on the Aran Islands.  That yarn is currently in use in a WIP.  I'd thought I'd make an aran skirt, but now I think I'd find more use for the sweater, so I'll rip it out, wash it, and rewind it, as I have with yarn from other projects - both finished and not. 
  2. A grey sweatshirt.  For some reason, there have been more than a few times when I'd thought to myself that such an item would be really handy.  I think I might sign up to take the Linden Sweatshirt class at Needlework.  If I take a class, it's usually more likely that the item will be finished in a timely manner, ahem.
  3. A black knit t-shirt.  I recently ripped out a black sweater and think the yarn will do nicely for another simple piece.
  4. A pair of basic wool pants - not dressy, more casual.  Something I can wear while hiking, running errands, whatever.  The ladyfriend gave me Cal Patch's Design-It-Yourself Clothes for Christmas, and I think I'll use that for my pants.

I've got the Sophia Loren sweater on the needles now, which will go well with my suede skirt from Value Village, and I've washed and ironed the fabric for my '40s dress so those two projects sit at the forefront (my single sock will have to remain single for the time being...).  Oh yeah, and I also want to make another Alabama Chanin dress.  I even have the fabric, thread, and stencil for it already.

If only I could make time as well...

(Oh, in case you're wondering - I only teach, in person, on Wednesdays this term.)

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